‘Iron Fist’ Season 2 Set Photos Reveal New Character

Behind the scenes, Iron Fist will be taken over by Raven Metzner as showrunner. His most recent stint was the FOX series Sleepy Hollow. Metzner will be taking over for Scott Buck, who was the showrunner for the first season.


“Raven’s love of all things Iron Fist and his extensive knowledge of martial arts films made him the perfect choice to continue telling the adventures of Danny Rand and Colleen Wing,” said Executive producer Jeph Loeb. “Season One and The Defenders are only the beginning of this fantastic action-packed tale,” he continued.




It seems that Metzner’s first order of business as showrunner consisted of bringing in a new character. Season 2 set photos of Iron Fist show what seems to be an injured Danny Rand being assisted by an unknown character played by Alice Eve. There is no confirmation of how prominent Eve’s character will be, nor what her purpose is, as of yet.



It is heavily speculated by fans that she will be portraying Tanya Adrian, also known as Lady Gorgon. In the comicbooks, Lady Gorgon is an assassin hired by the Hand (Iron Fist’s sworn enemy) to kill the Punisher. The TV series could easily be adapting her character to become the main villain for Season 2, going up against Rand instead of the Punisher.


There is no confirmation that this is indeed Alice Eve’s character, so she could end up playing an ally to Danny Rand, rather than a foe. After all, the ending of Iron Fist Season 1 showed Joy Meachum and Davos chatting casually about the destruction of Rand, so the villain role may already be filled by them!


Whatever the details of the Season 2 character additions and continuations may be, it is certain that Iron Fist will be back to take fans back into the mean streets of New York, and maybe even actually K’un Lun this time.




Danny Rand will appear this June in Luke Cage season 2, and in the fall for the return of Iron Fist, in its second season.

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