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Friendly, Everyday Superheroes Scale The Windows Of Children’s Hospital In Amazing Video!

Four window washers from Larry’s Window Services put on a show for the patients and families at Blank Children’s Hospital on June 26th. The workers dressed as the Flash, Batman, Captain America, and Spider-Man and interacted with the patients both from up high and on the ground below.




This isn’t the first time either; Larry’s Windows Services actually does this every year for the kids. The washers dress up as popular superheroes as they clean the windows and entertain the patients, and because it feels good to give, the men have said it’s their favorite work day of the year. This moment isn’t only special for the kids and men donning the suits, the families and hospital staff have a great time with it as well.


“It makes my heart absolutely explode,” Blank Children’s Hospital spokesperson Amy Varcoe said. “When (the kids) see that, they forget about everything. They forget about why they’re here.”


Watch This Super Story Below:

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