Disney’s Super Powered Family Returns For ‘Incredibles 2’ Movie Trailer

One of the new key faces and voices this time around will be Bob Odenkirk as Winston Deavour. This character is the one who is rooting for supers to make a return to society and also runs the telecommunications company with his sister that Elastigirl is accepting the job offer from. We’ll have to wait to see if he’s everything he’s cracked up to be, or working behind the scenes for motives unknown.




Sophia Bush will voice the character known as Voyd in Incredibles 2. She is described as a HUGE Elastigirl fan and has abilities that allow her to create rifts or voids that allow objects/people to travel through space, disappear, and reappear elsewhere. From the looks of the trailer at least, this character is going to come in handy in the trails to come.




As far as the villains go this time around it was announced that The Underminer will return in this sequel. If you remember he made his appearance at the end of the first film with the goal to basically bring destruction and war to the world. But if the Parr family has anything to say about it there’s no way that he or the main villain of the story known only as Screen Slaver will have any last laugh so to speak of.


Check out the official trailer for Incredibles 2 in the video below!



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