Celebrate July 4th With These 10 Patriotic Comicbook Heroes!



Superman may be an alien, but he still remains as DC Comics’ representation of the freedom and virtue that America holds true. With a red and blue suit, aversion to bullets, and devotion to what is right, this Kryptonian-turned-Kansan has become one of America’s most popular characters since he first graced comicbook covers in 1939.


American Dream


Shannon Carter, AKA American Dream, is the cousin of famed S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Peggy Carter. She went on to join the New Avengers as part of Marvel’s MC2 Universe. Carter grew up idolizing Captain America, thus embodying his costume and his patriotic ideals.




Patriot, whose real name is Eli Bradley, was one of the young Avengers recruited by Iron Lad. Although he attempted to emulate Cap’s powers and patriotic theme, it was later found out that he gained his superhuman abilities through the illegal use of Mutant Growth Hormone pills. Patriot may not be the hero we wanted, but it was the red, white, and blue thought that counts.


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