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All ‘Hel’ Breaks Loose With Old Enemies And Friends In New Thor Comicbook

With no shortage of action, Thor #2 takes this group of living and dead heroes and puts them into a fight against Sindr’s forces in which they are severely outmatched. Thor comes up with the idea to attack a transport train that is carrying a weapon which Sindr’s forces have been praising as the end-all-beat-all.




Thor pulls from his arsenal of hammers one that is able to sink the train to the bottom of a massive and freezing body of water. The explosion reveals a cage which is more than likely housing the weapon that the bad guys were transporting.




Little do our heroes know that this weapon they were seeking is a little less of a “what” and more of a “who” scenario.




All “Hel” has officially broken loose, and she has a name. Hela and Fenris rise from the water with Thor trapped comfortably between Fenris’ deadly jaws. What a coincidence that these two monsters just so happen to by Loki’s own children. Surprise surprise!


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