11 Strange Facts About Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme And His Body


5.) His Injured Hands Have Never Been Cured



After switching to the mystical arts from the world of medicine, Strange has come to terms with his disability and hasn’t let it prevent him from accomplishing great things.


6.) Bullets Hurt . . . A Lot



In the late 60’s, one comicbook issue found Strange being shot and wounded by a descendant of Rasputin who didn’t care for magic outside of using it as a means to an end. When he couldn’t defeat Strange with the mystic arts, he pulled a cowardly move and shot him.


7.) He Chose Not To Merge His Body With The Universe



At one point Stephen Strange had an opportunity to merge and become one with the universe so that it would, in its entirety, become his body. Strange turned down the chance presented to him by the deceased Ancient One, who was already merged with the universe. This became the first time that Strange lost the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme.


8.)  He’s Often Vulnerable In The Physical Realm



Any time that Strange goes to sleep, he leaves his body in a vulnerable state where it can easily be attacked or possessed. The sorcerer has a system of enchantments and protective spells in place to ensure his safety while in these states.


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