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10 Cosplays That Are Nearly Impossible To Make (But Were Made Anyways)

4. Stretchy Mr. Fantastic



What is harder to replicate? Extra appendages or supernatural ones? While adding wings or horns to yourself is no easy feat, having stretched out or overgrown arms or legs can prove an almost impossible one. With the character of Mr. Fantastic, many people will put on the suit and call it a day, but not this cosplayer! He decided to show off the full “extent” (Get it? ‘Cuz he can extend his arms? I digress…) of Mr. Fantastic’s powers with the addition of extra blue spandex, some mannequin hands, and of course, extensions to hold in his hands. In the end, the stretchy superpowers were perfectly exemplified like never before.


5. Wonder Woman And The Invisible Jet



Sometimes the hardest part of a cosplay isn’t the costume itself, but the props that accompany it. That is especially true when the prop is invisible! Although Wonder Woman may be a costume that many have chosen to replicate, the invisible jet was not included. At least, not visibly. What may seem like an unattainable prop to some was a simple fix for this young Wonder Woman. All it took was some clear balloons to fashion together a fully visible, yet invisible jet to accompany this adorable Wonder Woman cosplay. Easy, as long as you have incredible talent at balloon art marking!

6. Hulkbuster



The Iron Man suit is hard enough to replicate, but an amazing group named Extreme Suits took it to the next level with the Hulk Buster. It took a lot of work for Tony Stark to create the Hulk Buster, and it took even more work for this team to create a cosplay for it. Although the suit isn’t actually Hulk-sized, the replica is still nine feet tall and took two years to create. The suit is also made of metal, so it takes a dedicated cosplayer to walk around in “Veronica” like Tony did in Age of Ultron.


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