“You know, I guess one person can make a difference.” Well, one sure is trying!

The world can always use some good news (especially on a Monday), and we’ve just found some courtesy of a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in Texas.

On his days off, a man named Cameron Fielder can sometimes be found dressed as the Web-slinger (and other superheroes) at busy intersections outside of Houston, armed with signs to uplift and inspire drivers with phrases like “You are strong.” 

Given that the iconic hero’s credo is helping others, it’s quite appropriate that he’s been donning a Spidey suit recently to help deliver his messages of optimism. In fact, Fielder told ABC13 Houston: “This world is full of negativity these days and I don’t want that to be continuing. Of course, it always will, but I want to at least try to make a difference.”

It certainly seems like the passing cars appreciate Spidey’s small yet substantial words of cheer; Fielder has said that some motorists honk to convey their appreciation, and now folks curious to see the positivity-slinging Web-head in person have started to seek him out. And you don’t have to be in a car to be on the receiving end of Fielder’s optimism either: Pedestrians crossing his path receive waves and high fives, and recently, he’s even been distributing sticker books and coloring books, too. What a way to make someone’s day brighter! Indeed, Fielder said that his impetus in doing this has been to give others who are struggling reassurance and encouragement. Sounds just like something the Wall Crawler would do, right? As written in Spidey’s debut comic Amazing Fantasy #15, “With great power there must also come — great responsibility!”