Besides panels, one of the biggest draws to SDCC is the exclusive toys and other merch that debuts at the convention every year. This year is no different, especially for Marvel. While Marvel has several ongoing toy collaborations, the big news will be the exclusives slated for release during the Con. This realm of news is constantly updated, with more reveals from various toy companies coming.

Mattel always has an exciting booth, thanks to its collaborations with brands like DC, Star Wars, and of course, Marvel. So far, they’ve got a long list of exclusives, but only one of those is a Marvel toy. Created in partnership with Hot Wheels, the “Spider Machine GP-7” will be available for attendees to purchase at the convention. The car is based on the 1978 Japanese Spider-Man animated series that had motocross racer Takuya Yamashiro take on the mantle of Spidey. You can read the full lowdown on the Mattel release HERE.

One of the biggest toy companies attending the convention, Funko, has released a handful of Marvel-themed Pop! toys to debut at SDCC. So far, the company has released new figures that encompass both the MCU and Marvel Comics including Gamora, Wong, and more. The announcement can be seen HERE.

Hasbro is keeping anticipation high right up to the Con by only releasing tiny trickles of new information about their Marvel collection. Among the first sets of news drops is a vintage Hulk action figure that celebrates 80 years of Marvel. Although there have been many iterations of the Big Green Guy over the years, the Hasbro SDCC exclusive goes all the way back to the beginning, with the iconic purple shorts and even a broken lead pipe in his hand. Beyond this, as part of the Marvel Legends series, intergalactic characters the Collector and the Grandmaster will be coming to SDCC in toy form. Although the two are never seen together onscreen, these figurines will be debuting as a two-pack available exclusively at the Con and come complete with props from their films. For more Hasbro news, check out their Instagram feed as it updates new releases HERE.

It looks like the most extensive selection of Marvel-themed SDCC exclusives will be at Sideshow Collectibles. Although the figurines are on the pricier side, Sideshow guarantees unmatched detail and an interesting variety of both well-known and lesser-known characters. Since Avengers: Endgame’s release, everyone has been paying tribute to Iron Man, so naturally some of the exclusive attendee-only releases have been dedicated to him. First, there’s the “Neon Tech Iron Man 2.0” that shows off the future of the Iron Man suit in a whole new light – it literally lights up! Then there’s the suit that started it all, the Mark 1. This hand-painted figurine depicts the original Iron Man suit built by Tony Stark as a means to escape his terrorist captors and includes a replica of the man himself, as well. There will also be a golden figure of Thanos called “The Mad Titan Designer Toy,” based on an animated likeness of the character. Even if you can’t attend SDCC there will still be Marvel toys available to purchase online that weekend, including Ghost Rider. You can see the full lineup HERE.

This toy list will surely grow longer by the time SDCC rolls around, so be sure to keep an eye out for other exclusive releases centered around the convention. See you in San Diego!