A crisp, delicate pink envelope sits propped up on Angel of Justice’s drafting table. It reads ‘Angel of Justice’ in impeccable cursive handwriting. Portal sits at his desk, not even trying to fake doing some work. He glares at the envelope, his mind racing in an endless loop of horror.

“Hiya pal! How’s that rewrite coming along?” Alter-Ego blurts out while entering the cubicle. He immediately sees the pink envelope. “Ooooo is that the thing!? The thing with the thing!? From the scary lady upstairs?!”

“Will you be quiet!” Portal yells and pulls Alter-Ego below the cubicle sight line.

Portal peeks his head over the cubicle wall to make sure no one heard that. The coast seems to be clear. “Yes, it’s the card that Ice Queen gave to me. Now will you beat it before Angel shows up?”

“Aww you don’t want me around for moral support?” Alter-Ego cajoles.

“Out!” Portal points a finger at the cubicle exit.

“Fine, fine, fine. Just remember this the next time I have to morph into your lanky bod so Stan doesn’t know you’re late for work.”

Portal continues to point as Alter-Ego trudges out of the cubicle pouting. No sooner does Alter-Ego exit the cubicle then Angel of Justice descends from above. Portal turns around to find her standing behind him. “Yikes!” he yelps.

Angel snatches up the pink envelope and inspects the writing. “Heavens! Look at this fancy calligraphy!” she exclaims while ripping the envelope to shreds in a frenzy.

Angel scrutinizes the card, which has a picture of a traffic light with heart shaped bulbs. She tilts her head, confused by the image. She shrugs and opens the out-of-season valentine. Inside there is a printed message in an extravagant font. She reads it out loud: “Your red eyes are like a stop light. My world halts when they flash my way. The end.”

Angel stares at the bizarre card frowning. Portal gazes at her, completely mortified. “Signed, no one,” she adds. “Who wrote this thing?”

Portal slides in his chair back to his computer. “Pssh. Some creep,” he mutters anxiously.

“Clearly this guy is no writer,” Angel jabs.

“Ha. Yeah. What a poser,” Portal chides.

“Well, into the pile it goes!” Angel announces as she opens a desk drawer and tosses the card on top of a cascading pile of greeting cards.

Portal slides his chair over to Angel’s side of the cubicle before she can close the drawer. “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold the phone. Pile?”

“Oh yes! I get cards like this all the time. I don’t know who is sending them. Probably someone I can’t remember,” Angel casually tosses out.

Portal stares transfixed on the drawer spilling over with greeting cards. “Someone you can’t remember…?”

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