We are less than two weeks away from the film finale of the third phase of the MCU, Spider-Man: Far from Home. Excitement has been steadily brewing since Avengers: Endgame released, and over the last month, the star-studded cast has journeyed around the world to promote the film.

The press tour will culminate this week with the world premiere in Hollywood. The lead-up to that event has produced plenty of new material to keep fans guessing about what is to come in the fifth MCU film featuring Tom Holland as Spider-Man.

While some fans may not have been impressed by the American IMAX posters, a new set of Chinese posters shows the variety of suits that will be on display in the movie, including the stealth suit, which has only briefly been spotted in the trailers. Along with the series of suit-focused posters, there’s also one featuring the newest MCU team-up: Spider-Man and Mysterio. Mysterio’s nature may be sinister, but currently he is being marketed as a new ally to the heroes of the MCU. Check out the new Chinese images below:

Sony also released a few new stills that highlight the film’s supporting characters, from Happy Hogan to Nick Fury to MJ and more. These images show that Peter Parker isn’t the only character in the movie with problems to overcome. Although the stills don’t reveal what the characters might be upset about, we can tell that this vacation isn’t going to be relaxing for anyone.

You can see the full set of 15 pictures HERE. Check out a few highlights below:

The cast members have been doing their part to promote the movie in fun and unconventional ways, especially Tom Holland, who has been giving non-stop interviews. On two occasions, he had the help of some of his friends, fellow Avenger Chris Hemsworth and late-night host Jimmy Kimmel.

In a cross promotional video Holland posted on his Instagram account, he and Hemsworth discuss their own movies and each other’s, since Hemsworth’s Men in Black: International just debuted. The video may not give us many clues about Spider-Man’s future, but it’s very funny.

In a Jimmy Kimmel Live! skit, Kimmel posed as every New York superhero’s favorite dry cleaner while Holland donned his American accent once again as Peter Parker. Kimmel’s cleaner is blissfully unaware what all these masks he washes mean and it’s up to Spider-Man to keep his identity secret no matter how funny the skit may get. Fellow masked crime-fighters Deadpool and Daredevil are referenced as Jimmy and Tom banter about the various super suits. No, unfortunately this isn’t a clue that the three characters will team up any time soon. Still, check out the humorous clip below:

Finally, an international trailer from China has been released with a wealth of never-before-aired scenes. Between Nick Fury’s role as a superhero wrangler (once again) and Parker actually calling Mysterio an Avenger (*GASP!*), the international trailer definitely shows us a little more regarding the dynamic between the characters new and old. It also shows several new scenes featuring the Elementals. Check it out below:

There are new interviews and clips popping up everywhere regarding Spider-Man: Far from Home. Keep your eyes peeled, because this is only a fraction of the marketing material for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man’s latest adventure. Before you know it, it will be opening night and all the secrets will be revealed. But until then…

Spider-Man: Far from Home hits theaters on July 5, 2019.