It’s been less than two weeks since Avengers: Endgame premiered, but the MCU train keeps chugging along! Case in point: A new trailer dropped today for Spider-Man: Far from Home, and boy, does it spoil some stuff!

If you haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame, STOP READING NOW!

(As a buffer to avoid unwanted spoilers for those not continuing on—and also for fun—here’s a video from the Mexico press junket for Spider-Man: Far from Home, featuring Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal.)

Okay, we’ve warned you about spoilers, so let’s keep going!

Now that time travel has been introduced into the MCU’s lore, it seems the ramifications of this are being directly addressed in Far from Home.

Before that though, we learn how the world is mourning Tony Stark’s death, just as our own world is. Although Tony is gone, his legacy (and tech-suits for Spider-Man) live on. We see Peter apprehend some bad guys in the Iron Spider suit once again—that is, before he tells them that he’s taking a break to go on vacation.

The new trailer also provides a closer look at Mysterio than we’ve seen before. Thanks to the ever-knowledgeable Nick Fury, who introduced Tony Stark to the larger world of the MCU long ago, Spider-Man is learning that reality is not all just one timeline anymore.

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Mysterio, according to Fury, “is from Earth. Just not ours.” Fury also quickly explains that Thanos’ snap essentially created a multiverse and a way into other dimensions. This may explain some of the weird time travel questions many had after Endgame, although we won’t know for sure until Far from Home premieres.

Do the Infinity Stones allow inter-dimensional travel? Is there a portal hidden somewhere on Earth? Is this in part because Loki escaped with the Tesseract and Captain America went back to live with Peggy Carter? Maybe this trailer just creates even more questions, but that’s okay, too!

Other big revelations are featured in the new trailer, so without any further ado, here is the latest spot from Spider-Man: Far from Home.

The MJ/Peter relationship is certainly heating up. Maybe an upside-down kiss in the rain isn’t too far off.

It’s about two months until opening night, but we’ll likely still be learning a lot more in the weeks to come. After all, the press tour is on!Spider-Man: Far from Home hits theaters on July 5, 2019.