The Original Opening For ‘Venom’ Was Much Different Than What Was In The Film

Things would have gone back to Venom’s homeworld of Klyntar, where the symbiotes originate. In an interview with Cinema Blend, Fleischer opened up about what the original opening for the movie would have been liked on this distant planet.




“There was a version [of the opening] where there was a planet crawling with tons of symbiotes that were collected and taken back to Earth by the Life Foundation. They had encountered them. But it kind of felt like, my instinct was it would be better to keep it more mysterious and just know that they’ve retrieved something from space. We don’t know exactly by what means or how.”




The director continued,

“We toyed with some art work that we loved. We toyed with it. But we wanted the movie – it’s out there. It’s part of our mythology. It’s part of our backstory, Klyntar and where this all came from and who knows what’s next. But, it made sense to, in this movie, to let the origin of those things kind of unravel in the storytelling as opposed to going [to that planet].”


Check out this trailer for Venom if you haven’t seen the film yet!



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