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Stan Lee’s Favorite Movie Celebrates Its 80th Anniversary – Plus, That One Time He Dressed Up As Robin Hood

But back to Stan. He admires Robin Hood so much that he actually dressed up as him – the Errol Flynn version – for a 2014 Arclight Cinemas campaign!




We’ve got some behind the scenes photos of the shoot for you to enjoy below:


Where it all begins: the makeup chair.



Almost all set and ready to go!


But first, the weapons. Sometimes a hero needs a little help getting the final product all together.


Game face: on. Arrow skills: could use a little work.


Who knew playing Robin Hood would require so much sitting?


And that’s not Stan’s only connection to The Adventures of Robin Hood. In 2008, he was awarded the National Medal of the Arts by President George W. Bush. Anyone care to guess who one of his co-honorees was? That would be Maid Marian herself, Olivia de Havilland, who currently resides in Paris at age 101.


GWB LB: Presentation of the 2008 National Medals of Arts and National Humanities Medals (Stan is third from the left, and de Havilland is 5th from the left, next to Laura Bush.)



During the ceremony, Stan stood behind de Havilland while waiting to receive his award. In typical Stan style, after he watched President Bush congratulate de Havilland with a kiss on the cheek, he quipped as he stepped up to the Commander-in-Chief: “I hope you’re not going to kiss me on the cheek.” It looks like the below photograph captured the laughter prompted by Stan’s wisecrack.




If you feel so inclined to check out one of Stan’s all-time favorite films, you can watch it either on streaming or DVD. Extra points if you find a theater playing it on the big screen today!


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