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Take A Look At Josh Lane’s SuperHero-Glyphics


It was the artist’s intention to have Wolverine kneeling before the staff of Dark Phoenix, bending to the will of its power and his love for the possessed Jean Grey. Above is the powerful Professor Xavier, teaching his gifted youngsters to accept their abilities and heroic virtues. Cyclops, leader of the X-Men, stands upright, guarding the scene.

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The scale to the right of Kickass and Hit Girl is the symbol of “Justice Forever,” a group of heroes founded by Colonel Stars and Stripes, an ex-mafia enforcer. After his death, Kickass steps into the leader role until the group itself disbands. Above is the Red Mist, the son of a mafia boss sent to infiltrate the rising population of heroes in New York City. After the death of his father, he turns full villain, and stops at nothing to destroy the do-gooder community.

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The Power Rangers

These are the Power Rangers during their early Mighty Morphin’ phases. On the top left are the different prehistoric Zords for the Red (T-Rex), Black (Mastodon), and Yellow (Sabretooth) rangers. The remaining Pink, Blue, and Green Power Rangers are fighting against Lord Zedd, one of their greatest adversaries.

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