Negasonic Teenage Warhead From The Movies Appears In New ‘Deadpool’ Comicbook

In Deadpool #1, the merc returns to the hideout in the back of a mall toy store, where Negasonic Teenage Warhead is waiting impatiently. Wade strolls in with a briefcase full of money and more flesh than she’d probably care to look at. The exchange that follows is priceless.




Negasonic appears to be somewhat more of a friend to Wade in this comicbook rendition, and even gives him advice, super therapist style, while Wade weighs out thoughts and options for his future. She urges him to do something big in his life, which you have to be careful about when dealing with Deadpool. There’s no telling what he might do.




Really the only nod to why the two of these super-powered beings are just hanging out and cooperating with one another falls on one particular page where Deadpool talks about his own movie being the reason why the two characters were paired together on this adventure. Enjoy the laughs.




Deadpool #1 will fulfill all of your Wade Wilson needs from comedy to body parts being hacked to pieces. Plus, there’s something big being set up, so this is an issue you’ll want to sink your teeth into.


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