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Marvel Comics’ Ultimate Universe Will Be Returning

The final issue of Spider-Men II finds Peter Parker partnered up with Miles Morales on a quest to find the Miles of Earth-616. That version of Morales ends up slipping into a parallel universe where his wife still lives. Readers get to peek into a world where Peter Parker is alive and dons the Spider-Suit alongside The Ultimates.


The lineup of The Ultimates would eventually influence the team within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, giving a new spin to the original Avengers storyline. The roster would include Captain America, Spider-Woman, Giant Man, Grey Hulk, and Peter Parker as Spider-Man.


Miles and Peter would join the ranks of these Ultimates, witnessing the Ultimate Green Goblin’s rampage, echoing the issues when Earth-1610 Peter Parker would meet his demise. Morales would then take up the mantle of Spider-Man.


An Ultimate version of Bendis’s creation RiRi Williams has also made her way into the parallel universe. Marvel Legacy #1 had revealed the eventual return of the Fantastic Four to Marvel Comics and the Richards family’s involvement in the reparation of the multiverse. Regardless of Bendis’ departure from Marvel, it’s clear that his stories still have enough prevalence to continue on.

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