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Marvel Comics Resurrects Important X-Men Character, Only To Kill Them Again

Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey #5 is an issue of inner turmoil for Jean Grey, as she’s fighting with the Phoenix, who is attempting to take over her body once more. The story takes place in New Mexico, in the same area where Cyclops and Jean were together before the start of the Dark Phoenix Saga.




In the middle of arguing against the Phoenix, denying the force any sway over her psyche, Cyclops appears from behind, resurrected as a bargaining chip against Jean. At first, Jean suspects that it’s another illusion and a trick by the Phoenix, but Cyclops assures her that he’s real. After a bit of confusion, the two embrace, and kiss.




While she was delighted to see her husband once more, they both knew that the situation was not how it was meant to be. Jean refused to give in to the Phoenix Force since the resurrection of Scott Summers would have been detrimental to her in the end. She let Cyclops die once more, continuing the struggle of leaving her days of destruction behind her.


Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey #5 is now on-sale in comicbook stores.

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