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Femme Fatale Hinted At Debuting In ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming 2’

The word is that the studio is looking for a “bond-girl type international agent” to fill the role of a “femme fatale” in the next movie. This obviously got the Internet buzzing and wondering just which character this could be.




The need for this character to be an international agent starts narrowing it down from other characters who would be interesting to see interact with Spidey on the screen like Firestar, Felicia Hardy AKA Black Cat, and even Parker’s first love interest Gwen Stacy unless they are otherwise reinvented in origin somewhere along the line.




Who might be really interesting to see would be Jessica Drew, also known as Spider-Woman! Looking back at her history and origin story, it might not be that far off. Especially considering that they are looking to cast a young European actress in her 20’s. Check out the video below for some Spider-Woman history to see if any of this logic sticks for you.



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