Diving In To 12 Trailers From TV and Film That Debuted At New York Comic Con 2018

Mortal Engines


Peter Jackson debuted the newest trailer for his first post-Middle Earth project in many years. The sci-fi book adaptation will still feature Lord of the Rings actors Hugo Weaving and Mark Hadlow but revolves around a dystopian, mechanical future with a young woman being the leading hero this time around.


Star Trek: Discovery


A Star Trek show’s appeal speaks for itself. This series truly has “lived long and prospered” since it’s debut many decades ago. The CBS show will return for its second season in January 2019 featuring the debut of the famous Vulcan First Officer of the Enterprise, Spock.


The Boys

The Amazon Prime series revolves around a group of superheroes that have all been corrupted by the lures of celebrity. The panel brought with it the first teaser trailer for the comicbook adaptation which looks to be set as a dark comedy. It will be available to stream in the summer of 2019.


The Magicians

The season four sneak peek of the Syfy network show has Margo in a hallucination or dream or… something, with the return of the Ram God, Ember. The clip gives us more questions than answers, but luckily we won’t have to wait too long, as the series returns in January 2019.


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