Deadpool Admits To Killing The Dark Knight’s Parents In New Comicbook Series

Deadpool begins sounding off different origin story rewrites while Negasonic Teenage Warhead listens in the office. Some of the stories bite a little creative influence from Spider-Man and even Superman, the most shocking of which definitely revisits the classic alley scene when a young Bruce Wayne is walking with his parents through the streets one fatal night.




Things look very familiar and you almost expect Wade to put himself into the shoes of Bruce as a child, and that’s when things take a twist for the even stranger. Turns out Deadpool remembers the night, not from reading a Batman comicbook or being aware of what happened to Batman as a child; rather, he was there that night…




Wade comes to recall being the hand that was hired to assassinate the Wayne family, you know, except for little Bruce. This conclusion is dark, even for Deadpool, and a solid jab at DC. But hey, what else is new?




The issue ends with a “To Also Be Continued” that implies that this isn’t the last we’ve heard about this situation.


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