‘Black Panther’ Easter Egg Found In ‘Iron Man 2’ And Other Marvel Studios Movies

As previously mentioned, Black Panther had been on the minds of Marvel Studios for years before the film’s eventual release. Back in 2005, the proposed slate for the brand new company was open for discussion, and Avi Arad mentioned that Black Panther would be a possibility. In 2011, the studio hired Mark Bailey to pen the script, and in 2014 the movie was announced to be part of Phase 3.




Other mentions of Wakanda and its rich Vibranium resource have been seen in films besides Iron Man 2. In Captain America: The First Avenger, Howard Stark displayed the power of a metal found in “deepest Africa,“ and as Steve Rogers lifted the shield his friend explained that “It’s stronger than steel, and a third the weight,” as well as “completely vibration absorbent.“




Now that Black Panther is merely days away from being unleashed into theaters, it will be a fun ride watching Marvel Studios connect the dots that have been around for so many years.

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