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‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #800 Pays Homage To The Iconic Thanos Finger Snap!

But thanks to a certain Spider-Man superfan and symbiote user by the name of Flash Thompson, AKA Agent Anti-Venom, no one was actually killed by this plan which, for obvious reasons, sent Goblin into a fit of pure rage.




Flash explained that he was able to use the last of his abilities to remove the shards and ease the pain of those that were targets of the Goblin, which meant that, thankfully, there were no casualties. But that also put Flash and Parker right back into the crosshairs of a symbiote using Osborn with the intent to kill. Although his Thanos moment was thwarted, he was far from out of the fight.




Red Goblin was able to separate Parker from Flash so that he could pick off the weaker and more injured symbiote suited hero.




You’ll have to pick up your own 80-page copy of The Amazing Spider-Man #800 to find out what happened to the heroes for yourself.


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