9 Punisher Memes As Brutal As The Series And Frank Castle Himself

Spot The Difference

These two worlds within the Marvel Universe leave fans speculating if there will ever be a proper crossover. Marrying the violence and grit of the many popular Netflix series and the sheer scale of the numerous theatrical releases would be no mean feat on Marvel’s part.


Both Matt Murdock and Frank Castle have the vigilante nightlife in common, but Murdock’s day job as a lawyer at Nelson and Murdock (Avocados At Law) provides a more cerebral edge in dissecting cases. The Punisher has the luxury of throwing lawfulness out the window. However, an amalgamation of their differing viewpoints makes an apt comparison to Judge Dredd’s policy of being judge, jury, and executioner.

Faultless Logic

Frank Castle’s philosophy on dealing with crime can often take his methods to both extreme and unique measures. These unconventional techniques put him at odds with superheroes throughout the Marvel Universe, as they fail in trying to keep his thirst for vengeance on a leash.

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