15 Fan-Made Reinventions Of Marvel Characters, Changing The Way We See Them!

Iron Man


The four pieces of artwork you’ll see on this page are taken from artist The Durrrrian’s 2015 series celebrating the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron. While this mystical take on Tony Stark is different from the past, his mask looks eerily like Ultron himself.




While Clint Barton hasn’t been getting a lot of run as of late, that could change in Avengers 4. The Durrrrian‘s Age of Ultron take on Hawkeye is much more frightening than we’re used to in the MCU.




Unfortunately, Age of Ultron was the first and last time we’ve seen Quicksilver in the MCU, at least it gave The Durrrrian an opportunity to create this masterpiece of Pietro Maximoff. Who knows, maybe we’ll get him back if and when the Fox/Disney deal goes through.




Back when the God of Thunder was still in possession of Mjolnir, the artist took all of the elements that make Thor special to create this version of the King of Asgard. The Durrrrian created a very godlike depiction here!


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