A glowing blue gateway swirls inside an open doorway. Portal steps in front of the entrance to another dimension and drapes his trench coat over himself, slipping an arm into each sleeve. He’s valiantly preparing to depart on another adventure in the multiverse.

Angel of Justice stretches her wings beside him in their shared cubicle, ready to see him off. She observes the special key dangling from a string around Portal’s neck. “I’ve never noticed how nice your necklace looks,” she tells him.

Portal looks up at Angel and their eyes meet. He is completely taken by her angelic aurora and forgets to reply. Angel smiles and laughs. “Portal…?” He snaps out of her trance and blushes embarrassed.

“Oh… oh yeah. You know it’s a powerful mystical key that can open doorways into other dimensions!” Portal says fervently… before realizing how eager he’s being. He quickly reverts to a more defensive attitude, “… it’s not jewelry.”

Angel confidently leans in close to Portal and takes the key in her hand. Portal gulps, unsure of how to deal with her close proximity. Angel examines the key while Portal studies her face, lost in her splendor.

“It’s made of Galavantium, the rarest metal in the multiverse.” Portal takes the key off his neck and hands it to Angel. “There’s an unstable meteorite crystal in the center.”

“Woooow…” Angel says softly. “That’s so cool!”

Portal places one foot into the blue whirling doorway. “Well! It’s time for me to go on another adventure! Wish me luck!” His trench coat blows in the wind created by the portal as he enters the blue light. I must look so awesome right now, he thinks to himself, before realizing that he’ll need the key to get back!

“Oh no! I can’t be separated from my key or…!” Portal exclaims as he loses his balance and falls through the gateway. The door swings closed behind him and collapses with a pop!

Angel of Justice’s eyes go wide with alarm. “Without the key, how will Portal get back!?” She rushes off in search of help, yelling, “Ms. Mouse!”

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