Stan Lee sits at the head of the office conference room table with a stern look on his face. He is surrounded by the rest of the office’s superhero (and villain) employees. They are all listening intently to Mouse as she finishes explaining where the situation currently stands. “… and so, Portal is lost in another dimension without a way to get back,” she confesses.

Stan Lee rises to his feet. The entire office looks to him for direction. He clears his throat and declares, “Well, I guess we need a new staff writer!”

“But Stan!” Mouse protests, “I told you! We have the key!” Mouse eagerly holds up Portal’s prized possession.

Stan looks back at Mouse shocked. “Oh, we have the key? Why didn’t you say so!? Let’s go get him!” Stan swipes the key out of Mouse’s hand.

Stan holds the key out in front of himself, afraid of what terrors might befall them from the tiny trinket. The rest of the group huddles behind Stan, using him as a human shield in case things go south. “Now how does Portal do this…?” Stan wildly waves the key in the air as if he has no idea what he’s doing. “Excelsiorous!” he says like he’s casting a spell.

The air in front of the outstretched key begins to hiss. Put! Put! Put! There is a quick sputter and a small door, the size of a post-it note, pops into existence like a kernel of corn. The group all look at each other, underwhelmed by the small scope of the door. Frustrated, Stan forcefully points the key at the tiny door and once more yells, “EXCELSIOROUS!” Suddenly the pint-sized door expands to a full-size entryway!

Stan steps forward and inserts the key into the hole. He turns the lock and swings the door open, revealing a swirling blue gateway. The group stares in awe at the mysterious and mesmerizing light. Stan wipes both of his hands together: “Voila! Nothing to it!”

Stan then dips his toe into the portal, announcing, “It tingles!” He leaps through the gateway and disappears into the churning energy. One by one the other heroes reluctantly follow after him.

On the other side of the threshold, the group tumbles into a heap on the floor of a densely wooded forest. Coos and caws from native wildlife fill the air. The group stands and shakes off the tingles. The blue rectangle door floats in the air above them. It appears to be an average forest, just like the ones found on earth. Then, all of the trees open their eyes, peering down in unsettling silence at the interdimensional visitors.

“Maybe we should get out of here,” Bolt nervously suggests.

“Good idea, kid,” Stan agrees.

Stan chaotically waves the key in the air once more and conjures up another door. The group launches into a dimension hopping expedition. One after another they drop in on a new world and search for Portal. They run through a bustling alien city, bounce across an asteroid field in low gravity, and explore an endless desert of multi-colored crystals.

They’re having so much fun, that they don’t notice when they actual do come across Portal in the desert dimension! “Guys! Hey guys! Waaaaaiiiiitttt!!” Portal cries out, just as Bolt, the last one through the door, exits their current dimension, completely unaware that they’ve overlooked their co-worker. Portal runs up just as the blue door frame collapses with a pop! “I’m right… here…” Portal sighs out of breath.

The group arrives back in the POW! offices empty handed. “Huh. We didn’t find him,” Stan says disappointed. “Free key!” he exclaims as he pockets the dimension hopping key.

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