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New Museum Exhibit Gives In-Depth Look At History Of Marvel Cinematic Universe

Guardians Of The Galaxy Collection

Overview Of The Collection

The Queensland Art Gallery collection was tastefully done with a blend of art and fantasy.

Groot Mask

Visitors to the exhibit get a close encounter with pieces of MCU’s history they never would have been able to.

The X-Men Collection

Scarlett Witch Costume

Like many of the costumes in the collection, the ones on display at the Queensland Art Gallery are not always the familiar get-ups you’ve seen before.

Detail Of Scarlett Witch Costume

One of the best attributes of MCU is the filmmakers’ ability to bring lesser-known (by mainstream standards) characters into the movies.

The Avengers Collection

Black Widow And Thor Costumes

Black Widow is one of the most popular female comic characters in not just MCU but the world.


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