Kyle Hill Discusses Magneto’s Strength In The Latest Episode Of ‘Because Science’

Kyle Hill delves into the physical improbability of the guard’s molecular structure still being intact by writing out a powers of 10 sliding scale about three minutes into his explanation. The number of Teslas that Magneto would have to emit to drain the iron from the X2 guard’s blood would eventually turn his victims body into a big ball of mush.


The aforementioned sliding scale, from left to right, denotes the amount of attraction that certain things have to magnetic fields. The scale ranges from Diamagnetic (Repelled) to Paramagnetic (Weakly Attracted) to Ferromagnetic (Strongly Attracted). In the video below, Hill discusses the magnetic qualities of pure iron once it is introduced into the bloodstream, and how powerful Magneto has to be to extract it from the guard’s body in the X2 scene. Also, the term “Butt Iron” is used. That’s a fair warning.

Hill also demonstrates the progression of the guard’s ailments during an increasing amount of magnetic force, starting from 1 Tesla all the way to over 10,000,000 Tesla (magnetic field of a neutron star). As the numbers climb, so do the problems for the security guard. All of that magnetic force is used to make three metal spheres to aid in Magneto’s escape from his confines.

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