Ewen McGregor’s Reaction To Darth Maul Returning In ‘Solo,’ Along With Deleted Scenes

Another one of the best moments from the film was watching Han and Chewy’s friendship begin and flourish. It is certainly one of the most important relationships in the entire saga, and Solo did a fine job in making sure it was portrayed properly. In the deleted scene below we get to see a moment of frustration between the two that ultimately turns into a moment many of us have shared with our friends… a snowball fight. The scene starts at 8:17 of the video.



The second deleted scene we have for you from the film features Han as an Imperial cadet. As cocky as ever, Han doesn’t seem to be fitting in with the Empire just as we would have expected. The scene shows us how Han went from signing on to be a pilot to ending up in the infantry. Check it out below!



Directed by Ron Howard, Solo: A Star Wars Story will arrive on digital HD/UHD on Sept. 14, with a Blu-ray release on Sept. 25.


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