Deadpool Gets Married Inside Of The Bermuda Triangle In Weird New Comicbook

When Wade lands, he finds the world below to be even stranger than he could have ever imagined, even in his twisted mind. What passes by like minutes and hours for the duo awaiting above on the Blackbird is actually weeks, months, and years for Deadpool in Weird World below. During his not-so-pleasant stay, he obviously makes more than a handful of enemies to help keep him busy, including this creepy old wizard who wants to drink his blood in order to live forever . . .




Thankfully for Wade, some sweet soul takes pity on him while breaking out a gang of Man-Things in the next cell over and decides to give Deadpool his freedom as well. Her name is Jennifer Kale, AKA Swamp Queen, and even in his current state, she’s got the hots for Deadpool.



Who knows exactly how long that Wade was down there with the Swamp Queen, and honestly it doesn’t really matter. What we do know is that they tore up Weird World in the best way possible together, amassing a HUGE army to take out the Witch Queen Morgan Le Fay and her legion of baddies.




On top of all this excitement, Deadpool and the Swamp Queen officially tie the knot smack dab in the center of the Bermuda Triangle, which is probably one less item on the bucket list for Wade at the moment. Even so, there’s still a job to get done and Wade isn’t the kind of merc to let a mark get away so easily.


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