Child Of Venom: Eddie Brock Fuses With A New Symbiote To Save His Old One

We then catch up to Eddie Brock back on Earth, who is learning about Tel-Kar and his origin with the symbiote from a Skrull Warbride named M’Lanz. Her goal is to keep the Kree away from the Skrull weapon of mass destruction at all costs because the effects of it being used against her people would be disastrous. With Venom gone there’s no real way that Eddie can be of any assistance as a regular human, that is until he hears a voice from within his mind speaking.




The voice is none other than Venom’s offspring, and in seconds the child is free and attaching itself to Eddie!




When Eddie’s transformation is through, he turns to reveal his new appearance. With a black outer exterior, red eyes, and yellowish tendrils we get a new symbiote look on Eddie Brock, and there’s no doubting that this is Venom’s progeny.




It’s possible that Eddie may now have the strength that he needs to help secure this big bad Skrull weapon from being used against the race of shapeshifters and whoever else is in line next. Make sure to pick up your copy of Venom: First Host #3 to see what happens!

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