10 Unused Marvel Concept Art Pieces From ‘Millennial Visions’

Hawkeye’s Hypnotized Thunderbolts


Hawkeye, after joining Thunderbolts in the late 90s, was doing his best to lead the formerly villainous outfit in a more heroic direction. Once he successfully reformed them, he turned his eyes to a new group of villains, utilizing the mind-control powers of Ringmaster to keep them tame. This team included lesser-known villains such as Whirlwind, Stilt-Man, the Wrecker, and Batroc the Leaper. Once the main protagonist noticed dissension in the ranks, he was nearly convinced that Ringmaster was trying to pull all the strings in the leadership role. The team later “recruited” Taskmaster and the Absorbing Man.

The New Power Man And Iron Fist


In Lee Ferguson’s reimagining of the Iron Fist, Danny Rand is crippled and as a result, intensely isolated. His absence killed Luke Cage and Colleen Wing during a battle with weapon smugglers. A battle-worn Misty Knight came to Danny for help in rebuilding her bionic arm, installing many upgrades and weapons in the process. Using the Rand Corporation’s funds, Danny created a full-body, nuclear-powered bionic suit, ordaining himself as the new Power Man in honor of his fallen comrade.

Tomorrow’s Avengers


Chris Batista wrote his entry into Marvel Universe 2001 Millennial Visions from the point of view of the offspring of familiar Avengers. The team ended up battling Loki, who became a techno-wizard. After the destruction of Minneapolis, the future version of Thor, Dargo Ktor, secluded himself after losing his war-hammer. A shock trooper named Tannan Six ended up absconding with the hammer and Captain America’s vibranium shield, running into Tatiana Maximoff, Scarlet Witch’s descendant.

Elektra: Death On Two Legs


This version of Elektra didn’t live past her high school prom night and was eventually found and resurrected by General Nick Fury. She was brought back as a fourth generation Elektra-Class NinjaBot, specializing in covert European espionage missions. Disregarding the pleas of her superiors to abort an assassination attempt on this world’s Victor Von Doom, she committed to her mission, throwing Latveria into complete and utter chaos.