DING! The elevator doors open to a ROAR! Dorothy looks out at the office and instantly comes face to face with a large and hairy sasquatch creature wearing glasses. It sits at a reception desk under a sign that reads: POW! Entertainment. Dorothy lets out a squeak of surprise. The monster’s fang-filled face drops to a frown. Its hair rapidly regresses into its skin, and the creature shrinks – morphing into human form right before Dorothy’s eyes.

The human, who was a beast just seconds ago, jumps to his feet, waving his hands in an apologetic manner. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! That was a joke meant for someone else. Why weren’t you someone else!?”

The man is strangely dressed in a masked cowl attached at the base of the neck to a coat that dangles off of his backside. He comforts Dorothy with a friendlier tone. “You must be the new hire.”

Startled, Dorothy manages, “Y-yes, yes I am. Dorothy Su.”

“Pleasure to meet ya, Dot. I’m Alter-Ego. But my plain old human name is Nick. Nick Ratchet. I’m a shape shifter. But don’t sweat it. You’ll get used to me.” Dorothy shakes Alter- Ego’s hand. “Welcome to POW! Entertainment! I guess first I’ll take ya in to meet Stan The Man.” Alter-Ego then covers his mouth and whispers, “Please don’t tell him I scared you.”

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