Although the air of secrecy surrounding MCU films is now expected by fans, the timeline leading up to Avengers 4 is unprecedented. Besides some unsolicited set photos, all details about the movie are still completely under wraps; even the name of the film continues to be hinted at but never confirmed. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige revealed recently that the first trailer will premiere before 2018 is up, so it looks like the speculation will come to an end very soon.

Although the title is virtually unknown at this point, given the comicbook source material (plus a few teasers by the directors), there are a few predictions that are more likely than others. Here is a look at some of the educated guesses about the official title of Avengers 4.

Avengers: Disassembled

This label was originally used in a 2004 comicbook run that also ended a phase of the Avengers, so it would be fitting to reuse the title for the film version of the finale of this Avengers lineup. Given the considerably smaller number of members on team Avengers this time around, using the opposite of the original phrase “Avengers Assemble” makes a lot of sense.

Avengers: Secret Wars

Secret Wars may seem a little random, but in comicbook lore, the phrase has been used in various stories and series since 1984, most prominently in the toy tie-in run called “Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars.” Like the above entry, this title has also been used for last-act-type issues.

Avengers: Annihilation

This one has been heavily speculated about. It was originally employed in a comicbook run in 2006 which revolved around the Avengers battling intergalactic foes from other dimensions. While that’s not exactly the problem we’re dealing with in the movie, it’s similar enough. The use of the word ‘Annihilation’ has come up multiple times in subtle ways throughout the films, so this title would certainly fit the level of drama in the movie universe.

Avengers: Endgame

Endgame is another largely surmised title and has been for several months now thanks to some meticulous fan theories. Besides the fact that the word has also been used in two previous Avengers films, including Infinity War, the biggest hint to this being used as the official name for Avengers 4 came from a very obscure Instagram post from the Russo Brothers.

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Whether it’s because of this photo or Dr. Strange uttering the ominous quote, “We’re in the endgame” just before he died from Thanos’ finger snap of doom, the word keeps popping up when possible titles are predicted.

So, what will the title end up being? Well, it’s less than 6 months until the film premieres in its entirety, so one would imagine that we will learn the name before that! According to Kevin Feige, the trailer is set to premiere before 2018 is over so once we finally do learn the title, the next wave of speculation about what will actually happen in Avengers 4 can begin.