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Six Actors Left Unrecognizable After Their ‘Super’ Makeup Jobs!

Ron Perlman As HellBoy


Ron Perlman is no stranger to heavy makeup and long preparation times. Case in point: for his role in The Name Of The Rose (1986), Perlman’s character required a hunchback, and the exhaustive application apparently took a total of 12 1/2 hours, leaving only 1 1/2 hours to film once he reached the set.


Jack Garber was the skill and mastermind behind Perlman’s makeup for the first Hellboy movie. The experience was far more relaxed than the aforementioned role, as it only took 4 hours with a break for the actor to grab a coffee and some breakfast before resuming.


Perlman told Variety in an interview that he constantly reminded himself of how grateful he was to have the role. He would say to himself, “There are a million guys that wish they were you right now and there’s absolutely no reason you should ever complain about the fact that it’s taking four hours to get on set. Because by the time you do get on set, you’re Hellboy.” He continued: “It’s never been a burden to me because the roles I was playing as a result of all that work in the chair were phenomenal.”

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