Mark Hamill Dives In And Discusses Controversies Surrounding ‘The Last Jedi’

Another major source of controversy was Rey’s parentage. While most people assumed that Rey’s lineage would somehow be tied into existing legacies, it turned out that her parents were just regular people. When Kylo Ren revealed that to her, the hope that she was a Skywalker drifted away from reality, however, it did open the possibility that The Force was not exclusive and anyone can be sensitive to it.




Mark Hamill, even as a Skywalker himself, talked about this point during his conversation with GamesRadar

“What I love particularly was – and they didn’t have to do this because the movie’s over – all of a sudden you cut to the stable and there’s that little boy, he puts out his hand and the broom comes to him. It’s so subtle, the first time I saw it I thought he just took it, but if you look he puts his hand out and it moves over for him, implying that yeah, she’s [Rey’s] the last Jedi… until the next Jedi. It’ll go on forever, believe me. Long after both of us are gone they’ll be making these films from here into eternity.”




While it is still possible that this boy’s parentage may be a legacy, he could be just like Rey, and that’s OK too. We’re not sure if the Broom Boy, whose name is Temiri Blagg, will be back for Episode IX, but we know we’ll get Poe Dameron, Rey, and Finn back to foil Kylo Ren’s evil plans!



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