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Cartoonist Ed Piskor Breaks Down How ‘X-Men: Grand Design’ Came To Fruition

Piskor also explained how his work on X-Men required a lot of preemptive research and work.


Hip Hop Family Tree is just a linear history of hip-hop, rap music. I knew that I was going to have to cover hundreds of characters, a giant ensemble cast, in comic form. I needed examples that I can use as reference to just see how that’s able to be done. So I revisited X-Men before I started . . . and just reread that stuff to see how basically [longtime X-Men writer] Chris Claremont tackled such a task,” Piskor said to amNewYork.

Chris Claremont


While Piskor did say that he probably had a favorite X-Men character growing up, he no longer thinks that way. He’s more focused on the artists who create the work and likes to peek behind the curtain. While comparing this work to his creations of the past, he had this to say:


“I can easily say the hip-hop thing is way more complicated piece of work to put together, because so much more is at stake. In a lot of ways, I was playing with real people’s lives. I want to get things right. X-Men is fiction, it’s ideas, it’s lines on paper. Wolverine does not exist and he cannot sue me if I veer his story off in a way that I see fit or something like that.”

Issues 1 Thru 6


The entire interview is worth a read, you can read it HERE… Also, make sure you hit your favorite comic store and pick up both volumes of X-Men: Grand Design!

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