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Monday, September 25, 2017



Ever Wondered Who The Most Powerful Marvel Superheroes Are? Here’s The Top 20

For over half a century, Marvel’s superheroes, villains, and characters have been in our daily lives through comics, TV and the silver screen. As you … Read the full article

BY Dory LeBlanc // July 02, 2017
By: Dory LeBlanc

Marvel Studio’s President Confirms An Alternate Spider-Man’s Existence In The MCU

The United States is just days away from the highly-anticipated release of Spider-Man: Homecoming and much of the talk has been about Tom Holland’s portrayal … Read the full article

// July 01, 2017
By: Bill Gibron

Letter Perfect: It’s The A-Z Geek Alphabet

When exactly did this happen? When did the social pecking order get so subverted? Back in the day, you were either a jock or a … Read the full article

// June 30, 2017

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Who’s The New Ultimate Thor? Marvel Makes An Announcement

Believe it or not, your favorite superhero hasn’t always been the same (super)person. Steve Rogers is best known as Captain America, but there have been … Read the full article

BY Bill Gibron // June 30, 2017
By: Camille Moore

Imitated Never Duplicated: See Some Of The Best Deadpool/Cosplay Crossover Costumes

Everybody knows that a superhero’s costume is one of the most important factors in his/her popularity. Take Iron Man for example – he might not … Read the full article

// June 30, 2017
By: patrick

Reimagining Your Favorite Marvel Films In Different Eras

Imagine, just for a second, that the comic book film boom of the last 20 years happened during another era. How would it look? How … Read the full article

// June 30, 2017
By: admin

Josh Lane’s SuperHero-Glyphics

Josh Lane is a force to be reckoned with in the modern pop art scene. The freelance artist, illustrator, and proud geek, has created some … Read the full article

// June 30, 2017