Two pairs of legs dangle high above the streets of Los Angeles. Alter-Ego and Portal sit side by side on the ledge of the Excelsior Building’s rooftop, swinging their feet like two children in high chairs. They each munch on fast food burgers and sip on oversized soda cups, enjoying their afternoon lunch break.

“So, you’re chicken then?” Alter-Ego asks Portal, slurping the last bit of cola from his cup.

“If being a career-focused, interdimensional comic book writer makes me a chicken, then sign me up!”  Portal retorts while chomping down on his burger.

“You can’t deny your feelings. Just ask her out, Key Master,” Alter-Ego eggs him on.

“Oh, like it’s sooo easy!” Portal replies, waving Alter-Ego off.

Just then, Angel of Justice swoops down out of the sky and perches on the ledge right next to Portal. “Ask who out!?” she innocently inquires. Portal jumps up into the air, startled by her sudden appearance. He loses his balance and falls off the ledge. Angel reaches out and grabs him by the collar, pulling him back to safety.

“Jeez Louise! Where did you come from!?” Portal demands.

“The sky! And my name is Angel of Justice, not Louise, silly,” Angel reminds him with a smile.

Angel straightens his ruffled coat and hair. “So, who are you going to ask out and where?” she probes. Portal’s eyes go blank. He makes no semblance of a response. Alter-Ego pushes himself in between the two.

“He, uh, he was thinking of asking Mouse to an arm wrestling contest…” Alter-Ego chimes in for the save.

“Arm wrestling? I hate to break it to ya, Porty, but I don’t think you’re gonna win that one.” Angel winks and takes flight once more.

Portal watches her go. As soon as she’s out of earshot, Alter-Ego shoves him. “What are you doing!? That was your chance!”

Portal swats Alter-Ego away. “I just can’t do it. I don’t have it in me,” he sighs.

“If you can’t ask her out in person, maybe write her something?” Alter-Ego suggests.

“No dice. I’ve had writer’s block since this whole thing started,” Portal surrenders.

“Maybe I can help, darling?” a seductive female voice chimes in from over their shoulders.

Portal and Alter-Ego whip around to find Ice Queen standing behind them on the rooftop.

How will Ice Queen help Portal? Find out in the next few chapters of STAN LEE’S WORK FORCE!