I had the huge privilege to partner with Stan and POW! on a number of projects over the last 20 years.  He was also my father, my brother, and my friend.  Throughout that period, we not only created and produced animated cartoons together, but we also developed a daily pen pal correspondence.  His intelligence was so unique that Stan was able to write in Latin, quote the classics, and speak fluently with knowledge about history, science, and the arts.  More than just the possessor of a formidable intelligence, he was a rare spirit, who was able to resonate with essential human hungers.  He understood drama, he understood humor, and those both were in the stories he told.  Stan Lee was simply one of a kind.  There will never be another.  It is ironic that a man who made his living with words, leaves me today without any to express my admiration for him.

– Andy Heyward, CEO, Genius Brands International