Since the beginning of Stan’s career he always had a natural way of connecting with people through his warm wit and inclusive style. He was a best pal to all of his fans and loved connecting with you across the globe at conventions, events, and on TheRealStanLee Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages.  After Stan stopped making appearances, we at Team Stan were elated that he still wanted to connect with his supporters online. In simply listening to Stan speak about his fans, it was very clear how important this continued relationship was to him. As such, we cherished our social media and creative sessions with him and were delighted Stan had a digital version of his legendary Soapbox. The below video captures Stan while we were setting up the camera for one of those sessions and is a thank you to the fans who sent their love via social media.  We simply wanted you to know that he heard you and it meant the world to him!

There is no way to replace Stan, but he always looked to the future. In keeping with his excitement and optimism, Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment will continue championing the life, memory and works of one of the world’s greatest storytellers, the Walt Disney of our time! And just as Disney continues to build on the legacy of their namesake and Marvel will continue to thrill with so many of Stan’s amazing, spectacular, and uncanny creations, we at Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment will honor our founder, mentor and friend the way he wanted: by doing our best to bring his final works to the fans he loved, sharing memories on TheRealStanLee social media accounts and blog, and serving as an advocate and protector of his remarkable legacy.

In the coming week we will be announcing plans for the official Stan Lee tribute event, and we will also slowly start bringing you pop culture news on this site once again.  All platforms will remain 100% ad free for the time being, and we look forward to making TheRealStanLee a celebratory place befitting the memory of one of the world’s most beloved icons! As the team is still processing the loss of the mentor and friend we’ve worked alongside for a combined 75+ years, we ask for a bit of time and pledge that at some point soon we will heed the battle cry of our Generalissimo… onward and upward to greater glory, or in other words, Excelsior!

-Team Stan