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Doing Whatever a Spider Can: 13 Alternate Versions of Spider-Man

Supaidaman (Earth-51778)


Alien powers? Check. Flying car? Check. Spaceship that turns into a giant robot? Check. Yes, Supaidaman, the Japanese Spider-Man television series that ran for over forty episodes from 1978 to 1979 had ALL the hallmarks that made the Stan Lee/Steve Ditko comics great… right?!? Take a look at the opening sequence for some mind-bending fun:


“Golden Sponge Cake” Spider-Man (Earth-51914)


Legions of Spider-Fans let out a hearty chuckle when “Spider-Verse” revealed that the Spider-Man who starred in the Hostess snack cake ads of the 70s and 80s had his own official corner of the Marvel multi-verse. While the Spider-Man of Earth-51914 is believed to have exactly the same powers as the Peter Parker we know and love, he and his occasional sidekicks (a rotating cast of pre-teens) often choose to stop the bad guys by hurling Hostess products at them.


The informal name “‘Golden Sponge Cake’ Spider-Man” comes from the heavy-handed salesmanship of the characters who utter lines like, “I love the golden sponge cake, cream filling” when describing their favorite snack and weapon of choice, Twinkies.


Web-Man (Earth-57780)


Long before “The Clone Saga” of the 1990s, Dr. Doom cranked out a duplicate Spidey using his “Twin Machine” in the pages of Spidey Super Stories, the non-canon tie-in comic published in tandem with The Electric Company (Children Television Workshop’s educational series which aired on PBS). More akin to Superman’s Bizarro than an actual clone, both Web-Man’s costume and personality were the exact opposite of Peter Parker’s and his first forays into the city saw him have comedically clumsy moments, like slamming into brick walls.


After the bumps get proverbially ironed out, Doom’s goal to create a Spider-Man with “all of Spidey’s powers… but none of Spidey’s goodness” was successful and even yielded a second duplicate, Webby-Two, who with his predecessor managed to capture and overtake the original Web-Head. Both vanished into thin air, however, when Spidey was able to destroy the mirror in Doom’s Twin Machine and foil his nefarious plots.


Spider-Man: Noir (Earth-90214)


Peter Parker of Earth-90214 was raised by his activist aunt and uncle, May and Ben Parker, during the Great Depression. When his uncle is murdered, Peter looks to investigative journalist Ben Urich as a mentor, and together they delve into the criminal dealings of the crime boss, The Goblin aka Norman Osborn.


One night while staking out an antique heist by the Goblin’s men, Peter’s life takes a turn when one of the antiques breaks releasing a flood of spiders – one of which bites Peter. He passes out, dreams of a spider-god, and wakes to find he’s now super-powered arachnid style. He eventually puts together a suit based on Uncle Ben’s World War I airman outfit, and fights crime as “The Spider-Man.” While he has most of the same powers as the Spider-Man we’re most familiar with (Earth-616), this Spidey notably uses twin pistols in his efforts to take down criminals.


– Thanks to The Marvel Database and The Spider-Man Wiki for having the info needed to fill-in some of the blanks on the various and sundry Spideys!