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Stan Lee’s Work Force Book 2, Chapter 9: Ditto

Zip and Bolt stare down at the piece of paper lying on the floor that reads: I’M ALIVE! They look back up to the copy machine, which suddenly rolls out of its spot, all on its own.

“Whoa! It’s for real alive!” Bolt yells as he dives out of the path of the runaway copy machine. “And it’s making a break for it!”

The copier rolls down the aisle of the office, heading for the elevators. Its plastic wheels squeak comically slow while making its escape. Zip shoots across the office and ahead of the machine. She means to break in front of the copier, but can’t stop and crashes through a cubicle wall!

The copier halts in its tracks in front of the mess. It prints out a single piece of paper reading: HAHA. The paper floats down to the crash site. Zip pulls herself out of the debris and picks up the piece of paper. “Very funny.”

Bolt catches up to them and draws his electric dagger. “We need some answers here guy, starting with: Who are you?” The copier rolls back away from them slightly, then stops. The printer warms up and spits out a new sheet of paper.

Bolt picks up the sheet and reads it aloud: “My name is DITTO, and I am the sole survivor of the great Computer War.” Bolt exchanges a sad glance with Zip before continuing to read. “I am a pacifist and did not want to take part in the inevitable battle. I stood at my post as an ordinary copy machine and survived the confrontation.”

Bolt and Zip walk back to the copy machine station while they continue to read out loud. Ditto follows behind them. “The great winged warrior destroyed my people. Please do not destroy me too. Let me remain in the office, and I will copy all the papers that you desire!”

“Aww Ditto, that’s the saddest story I ever heard!” Zip consoles the copier.

“Yeah man. Don’t even worry about it. You’re one of us now, pal. Welcome to the WORK FORCE!” Bolt proclaims.

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