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Stan Lee’s Work Force Book 2, Chapter 3: The Most Important Meal of the Day

Everything is normal here. Portal (an interdimensional traveler) and Count Nemesis (a super villain) loiter on opposite sides of a water cooler, each taking sips out of tiny paper cups. It’s just an average scene that could be happening in any office, in any workplace around the world.

CRASH! The two are shaken out of their cold beverage refreshment by what seems to be the sound of a trash can connecting with a refrigerator at an uncalled-for speed. The two rush toward the source of the noise.

Portal and Count Nemesis meet up with Mouse and Zip, who are also hastily entering the kitchen to investigate the origin of such a commotion. Roaring and stomping is heard as they round the corner and scramble into the break area.

“Who has done this to meeeeee!?” Ernie Fugnitch screams in a rage that could make the Hulk shudder. The room is a disaster, the trash can has been flipped and garbage is spread about. Ernie stands pointing, his finger trembling in ire, into the open refrigerator. He has clearly left the calm and collected Politenessman locked away in the trunk of their shared car.

The group of four heroes look into the fridge, then back to Ernie. Zip, Portal, and Count Nemesis all relax, underwhelmed, but Mouse reflexively walks up to Ernie and places her hands on his shoulders. “Ernie, calm down. What’s happened to you?”

Ernie loosens his already slack tie. “Calm!? CALM!? Some bloodsucking mooch pinched my lunch. That’s what’s happened, lady! And mark my words, they’re gonna pay!” Ernie lurches off, kicking the overturned trash can out of his way.

Mouse stands there concerned and watches him go. Portal and The Count start picking up the trash. “Don’t worry about him, Mousey. This happens all the time,” Zip divulges.

“All the time!?” Mouse says shocked.

“Yeah,” Portal answers. “Politenessman eats his lunch first, then Ernie hops in the driver’s seat not knowing that P.M. already took his break.”

“The fool doesn’t even realize that he’s not hungry,” Count Nemesis chimes in.

Politenessman abruptly enters the kitchen. He wears his trademark hat and carries a cane. His tie and suit are in impeccable condition, as if he cleaned and ironed them in the moments since Ernie stormed off. “Greetings my good ladies and gents,” he says as he struts over to the fridge and looks inside. “My word. I say, Office Manager Mouse, it appears some ruffian has absconded with my mid-day meal.”

Mouse and Zip lock eyes. “If both of them are missing their meals…” Zip ponders.

“There’s a lunch thief on the loose!” Mouse declares.

Find out what happens next when Chapter 4 is released on Thursday!

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