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Stan Lee’s Work Force Book 2, Chapter 11: Leftovers

The POW! Entertainment kitchen sits quiet and empty. All of the debris and overturned trash cans have been cleaned up, but the mystery of the missing lunch remains unsolved. Mouse and Politenessman enter the kitchen. Ditto, the company’s sentient copy machine, wheels in behind them. “Okay Ditto, for your first official job as office copy machine, we need you to sit in this kitchen… all day,” Mouse instructs.

“Yes, my good fellow. Take up residence in the galley and spy on any blokes who appear up to a bit of no good,” Politenessman adds.

Ditto backs himself up against a wall and haphazardly hides behind the branches of a large potted plant. The rollers inside his plastic shell prime themselves and print out a crisp piece of paper. Mouse takes the document and reads it out loud: “I won’t let you down, boss.”

Ditto sits, and sits, and sits some more. People come and go. Oddly enough, no one thinks it strange for a copy machine to be stationed inside a kitchen. They go about their business, oblivious to the sentient machine skulking in their peripherals.

After lunch, Mouse and Politenessman return and inspect the fridge. “Some manner-less thief has once more fled with my nourishment!” Politenessman reveals. They both turn their heads to Ditto, who rolls out from behind the plant.

“Ditto! Did you see anything? Did you see who did it?” Mouse asks the copier.

Ditto warms up his inkwells. He begins to print, only this time, carefully rendering whatever message he’s about to dispense. Finally, a sheet of paper arrives in the tray. Mouse lifts the document and holds it in between her and Politenessman. Their faces go cold with surprise.

Printed out on the piece of paper is a black and white image of ERNIE FUGNITCH.

How do you think the story will end?! The last chapter of Book 2 will be released this Thursday, so check back then to find out!

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