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Stan Lee’s Work Force Book 1, Chapter 5: The Tour

Alter-Ego leads Dorothy through the workplace. It’s a large, open office dotted by desks, computers, copiers, and… unidentifiable contraptions. Superhero artifacts, costumes, weapons, and framed comic book art decorate the walls. Dorothy side-eyes her surroundings as they pass bizarre characters and creatures. They hear strange noises off in the distance and some a little too close for comfort.

Along the way Dorothy stops in front of an office with glass walls. Inside she spies a man who appears to be having a conversation with himself. On one side of the room the man wears a bowler hat, suit, and tie. He speaks in a polite and proper tone. Then he jumps to the other side of the space, removing the hat and jacket and loosening the tie, speaking in a gruff disheveled manner. She strains to hear but can’t quite make out what he’s saying.

Dorothy stares perplexed. “Is he… rehearsing for a play…?”

Alter-Ego comes back and herds Dorothy away. “Staring won’t make you any friends around here, lady. Especially with Politenessman.”

They soon arrive at an empty desk in the middle of the office. “And here we are!” Alter-Ego announces as Dorothy looks down at her new barren desk. It isn’t much, but it has potential, she thinks.

Dorothy and Alter-Ego stand for a moment in silence, unsure of how to proceed. Then Alter-Ego breaks the quiet, “Well I guess I should introduce you to the gang.” BOOM! A loud explosion, followed by small pops, rock the office. Alter-Ego looks off toward his desk with a mortified face. “Uh oh, I left my popcorn in the microwave…”

Alter-Ego starts rapid fire pointing around the office, “Okay, that’s Portal, Angel, The Count, Zip, Ernie/Politenessman, the kid should be around here somewhere, and you already know Stan and me. I think that covers it. Gotta run! Don’t worry, you’ll figure it out!” And with that, Alter-Ego takes off running back towards his desk. “I will…?” Dorothy wonders, just a tad overwhelmed.

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