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Fan Creates Impressive Iron Man Cosplay Out of Cardboard!

Walk through any comic convention in the world, and you’re guaranteed to see countless cosplayers. Marvel, DC, anime, cartoons, movies, TV, popular, obscure — you name a pop culture figure, character, person or animal, and we are 99% sure someone has taken on the costume challenge! (We even saw a variety of cosplayers at Stan Lee’s Super Con in Saudi Arabia recently.) Whether first-time fans or experienced pros, cosplayers’ dedication to their craft is admirable and the skill involved is astounding.

Speaking of skill, we just had to share this creative cosplay of Iron Man’s Mark 5 armor from Iron Man 2. The cosplayer, who goes by KRYROCreations online, also beautifully captured his process in a number of photos. You can take a look at his construction below and check out his Instagram page for a plethora of snapshots detailing his progression.   

What makes this accomplishment particularly extraordinary is the fact that this Mark 5 is crafted from cardboard. Yes, CARDBOARD. (Well, that and three 3D printed parts, according to the artist.) In fact, KRYROCreations refers to himself as a “Connoisseur of Cardboard” on his Instagram page, so he obviously knows how to work with the material — which could also account for the fact that he knows painting his costume the traditional red could make the paint “seep through and make it wet,” as he said in a comment. Still, the detail and design are impeccable. Question, though: How does one get in and get out of this outfit?

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