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Tom Holland Takes Marvel Props as Souvenirs (Without Them Knowing)!

Leave it to Tom Holland to spill the beans! The notoriously loose-lipped actor recently revealed something big – and no, sorry, it’s not related to the upcoming MCU movies. (Marvel probably doesn’t give him any more info than is needed to do his job at this point.)

While out promoting his new movie Onward in the UK, Holland appeared on BBC Radio 1 to answer difficult questions from kids, aka queries that no adult would ever ask. His first Q came from a 9-year-old named Bo, who posed the question: “Have you ever stolen anything from the set and not told anybody about it?”

Without missing a beat, Holland answered a resounding yes, from “every job I do. My house is littered with props from films,” the actor admitted! Among his prized possessions? He’s got web-shooters from Spider-Man: Homecoming (“which Marvel don’t know about, but they do now”) and Tony Stark’s glasses. What about one of those iconic Spidey suits? Well, he attempted to lift one of those as a souvenir, but no dice. That one would be hard, he said.

Holland hasn’t gotten in trouble for his sticky fingers – yet. “I mean, I haven’t so far,” he answered when asked about the potential for getting in trouble. “They always make loads of them, cause they break all the time,” he went on to say. “I’m like, ‘Oh, I lost the Tony Stark glasses,’ and they’re like ‘You what?!’ and now they’re on my mantlepiece.” Sneaky, Tom!

Holland has been on the promotional tour for Onward for a little while, and we’re assuming he’s been asked about Spider-Man on every stop he makes. Only about two weeks ago he sat down with MTV to discuss Onward, and there he was asked what Disney+ show he’d want the wall crawler to show up in. (If you haven’t heard that story, check out his answer here!)

Onward is already out in the US and is set to debut tomorrow in the UK, so sadly, we may not get any more newsworthy nuggets from Holland in the coming days. However, the actor has two more movies on the docket for this year, Cherry and The Devil All the Time, so our ears will be peeled for more MCU-related goodies from those future press junkets.

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