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‘The New Mutants’ Has A New Release Date!

The New Mutants has had one roller-coaster of a ride to the big screen – and with the announcement of a new release date by Disney, it seems the movie’s wild journey to theaters is coming to an end soon. Well, at least we hope.

Filmed back in 2017 – yes, really – the Fox-produced X-Men flick was originally set to debut in April 2018 before Fox moved the film to February 2019 and then August 2019. A summer 2019 release plan was upended once again when Disney completed their purchase of Fox in March 2019, moving the release to April 2020. And then Coronavirus happened.

Given all the delays that The New Mutants has faced, some predicted that it would go right to streaming, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Today, Disney announced new release dates for some of its films, including The New Mutants, confirming that the X-Men flick is now set to hit screens August 28th.

With moviegoing still an uncertainty at this point, many upcoming releases have been shifting their debut dates and strategies. We are seeing some premieres jump to streaming platforms, while big superhero flicks like Black Widow were moved several months.

Though August may sound a little early for some people, Disney also re-confirmed the live action adaptation of Mulan would debut July 24th, so they are certainly hoping that audiences will be back in the theaters come the middle of summer. Hopefully that will be the case and The New Mutants won’t have to move yet again!

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